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Teachers, necessarily, have second jobs, throughout most of their teaching career. Why not make yours one with Executive income of $90,000+???


13 minutes of reading that will absolutely change your financial life...





Will you be a teacher 10 years from now?

   Well, you really will not be making that choice.

   More than likely, it will be made for you.

   Hopefully, none of the dismal prognostications of the future of the teaching industry will ever happen.

   However, it would be a prudent calculation for you to ensure your financial future with an income stream and an expertise that YOU control.

   An extraordinary opportunity is being laid squarely at your feet. Perhaps, you will embrace it




  • We will grow the professional marketing force of

       teachers that will cast a dominant footprint in the

       field of finance, over the next 5 years.

  • Will you be one of them?
  • Will you be one of those managing this growth?

There are 6.4M teachers...

3.1M teach and 3.34M are in administrative roles...

  • 622,000 teachers have lost their jobs since 2009 and another 2.2M will retire or be let go, over the next 4 years.
  • By 2020, 50% of all students in Florida will be totally in on line learning.
  • 13% of teachers leave every year.
  • 40%-50% of new teachers, leave the profession in the first five years.
  • e-learning is becoming dominant in the teaching profession but it will not require 6.4M teachers.




Dr. Francis John Maguire, PhD

(609) 618-3856