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The field of trust planning connotes a level of scholarship that will allow teachers to embark swiftly and confidently into a field that matches their professional credentials.

Their teaching skills will be used in educating clients, as they are charged with threading the needle, so to speak, between finance and an effective common sense approach.














• Pay no tax on first $71,456

• Tax-deductible college funds for

   your children.

• Have an IRA for children 6-18.

• Hire children in your business to

   save taxes.

• Put away up to $50,000+ this year

   for retirement with IRS approval.

• Establish Social Security benefits

• And much more…
















Although, this is an ancillary business to the teaching profession, it is well-capable of producing executive income due to the specialization of the subject matter,

The proprietary concepts and strategies that will be in your arsenal, dictate that you be compensated as an expert in a thinly populated field.














There exists levels of management opportunities to, essentially, build your own division.

There is no requirement to do so and it is purely an optional play.

We will not post the processes but will respond in complete detail, if we receive a request for the material that thoroughly explains the sequence.














The earnings to be made in the trust planning field are unlimited.

You will be able to leverage out your earnings from this business in a manner that multiplies their value, exponentially.

You will be able to create multi-generational wealth in your family with a portfolio of the very same strategies that you will deliver to clients.












Our philosophy is a very simple one. The financial services industry has attempted to educate itself, with a questionable modicum of success, for 100-years.

Now, as the seismic plates beneath the teaching profession have shifted, we now have enough appeal to parachute in the experts of the educational science. And they will transform and dominate this industry.











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